Santino Santiago


Santino started out in media as an intern at a local television show in Chicago called the Nude Hippo Show. Through his hard work and many jobs with the TV show, Santino managed to work his way up as an intern to a floor director, segment producer, and finally a producer. Throughout this process and in his spare time, Santino worked on many feature films in Chicago and Wisconsin. At the same time, he wrote and directed his own short films. Santino is an alumnus of Northwestern University and continues to write and direct today. In recent times, Santino works diligently by creating podcast shows, such as My So-Called Mates, and currently taking the lead for the first-time in hosting a new podcast show called, Bizarre Ride to X Y Z. The formation of A Band of Outsiders Studios was purely out of creating a place where he can produce and write shows, and give others the opportunity to showcase their work, too in a more or less than traditional matter. This is what you called a band of outsiders.